Airoh Twist Racr мотошлем для мотокросса и эндуро

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Airoh Twist Racr Motocross Helmet

The Twist is a motocross helmet made of HRT-Thermoplastic (High Resistant Termoplastic) for the demanding motorcyclist. The shell's incredibly low weight and aggressive look make it popular with the most daring riders and are always at the center of all the two-wheeler challenges. The highly breathable, removable and washable inner padding ensure unparalleled comfort. Of great advantage in intensive off-road use are the adjustable screen and the dust filter. The whole thing is rounded off by the restraint system with double D-rings, which also ensures high safety and comfort in risk situations.


  • Material: Thermoplastic (HRT)
  • Weight: from 1180 g (+/- 50 g)
  • Outer shell: 1 size
  • Ventilation: front, rear, chin guard
  • Visor: no
  • Sun Visor: no
  • Inner lining: removable, washable, anti-allergic
  • Closure system: double-D
  • Included accessories: -


Adjustable Visor:

  • Allows individual adjustment of the visor to use the helmet in all conditions.

Aggressive design:

  • Special lines with a modern and aggressive character, so as not to go unnoticed.

Extra Wide Vision:

  • Wide field of view, which provides a better overview due to the additional lateral surface, thus improving active safety.
Размер XS (53/54), S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62), XXL (63)
Пол мужской
Производитель Airoh
Категория мотошлемы мотокросс и эндуро
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