Dainese Racing 3 D-Air мотокуртка кожаная мужская

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Dainese Racing 3 D-Air® Airbag Motorcycle Leather Jacket

A leather icon, now evolved with the ultimate D-Air® airbag system. This jacket combines the dream fit of its classic version with the superior safety standards of the D-Air® and level 2 protections on shoulders and elbows. Tough Tutu leather with air intakes keeps body climate at best, while S1 fabric and Microelastic 2.0 stretch zones ensure a perfect comfort. Integrated Track-It allows to check main performance data like lean angle and speed.

General Features:

  • 1 inner pocket
  • 2 outer pockets on front
  • reflecitve inserts


  • jacket-pants fastening system
  • waist adjustment

Main materials:

  • aluminium
  • S1 bielastic fabric
  • Tutu cow hide

Performance Shock:

  • composite protectors (EN 1621.1 level 2 standard) on elbows
  • soft protectors (EN 1621.1 level 2 standard) on shoulders
  • thermoformed small shoulders with interchangeable aluminium plates

D-Air® system:

D-Air® is a stand-alone electronic airbag system for on-road use that only works when integrated into and connected to a specially designed and certified Dainese protective clothing.

The 6 sensors, the electronics and the GPS of the system are integrated into the Pro Armor back protector so you do not need to install a kit on your bike. The D-Air® control unit monitors the sensor signals 1000 times per second with a sophisticated tripping algorithm. The D-Air® system works in synergy with existing safety guards to protect the following body parts of the driver:

  • neck (limits head tilt relative to neck and reduces helmet movement when unrolling)
  • shoulder
  • chest
  • back

The airbag is inflated with high pressure, is anatomically shaped and has a volume of 4 liters.

D-Air® detects and activates its revolutionary additional protection in the following accidents:

  • Frontal and lateral collisions: Impact on fixed or moving objects.
  • Highsider: The driver is "catapulted" by the motorcycle after the rear wheel slips and suddenly regains liability.
  • Lowsider with rollover: Slipping of the front or rear wheel and rolling the driver.

Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, D-Air® detects the intensity of a fall and only unfolds when necessary during one of the accidents mentioned. The system unfolds z. As in falls at less than 50 km / h or falls, where the dynamics does not require the additional protection of the airbag, not.


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Цвет Черный/Белый/Красный
Размер 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64
Пол мужской
Производитель dainese
Категория мотокуртки кожаные
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