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Shoei J.O Jet Helmet

An instant classic - nothing beats the feeling when the warm summer wind blows into your face on an evening outing with your motorcycle. All your senses are focused on the road and the world in front of you. You become one with your motorcycle. The perfect combination of man and machine.

The Shoei J.O is the reliable companion for this unique experience. Just enough to protect you, but not too much to spoil the feeling.


  • helmet shell made of AIM (organic fibers and multi-composite fiber in five layers form an optimal shock-absorbing helmet shell)
  • EPS core with different densities (optimal protection by styrofoam elements with different degrees of damping)
  • full safety despite inner visor (Most helmet manufacturers "sacrifice" styrofoam material in the area of ​​the inner visor, which means a big loss of safety. For a helmet with an inner visor, Shoei retains the same dimensions of the EPS core as a helmet without inner visor, so Shoei can guarantee the same safety.)
  • Double-D closure system (easy handling, always perfectly adjusted)
  • 3 differently sized helmet outer shells (for optimal fit and compact size)
  • removable and washable upholstery (highest quality polyurethane foam for comfort and perfect fit)
  • 3 lockable positions (fits visor position optimally to the individual head shape)


  • sizes: XS - XXL
  • shell sizes: 3 (1: XS - M, 2: L, 3: XL - XXL)
  • retention system: double D
  • sun visor type: CJ-3
  • weight: 1000 g (+/- 50 g)
  • approved to: EN22.05


  • 1 x Shoei helmet
  • 1 x helmet bag
Размер XS (53/54), S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62), XXL (63/64)
Пол мужской
Производитель shoei
Категория мотошлемы открытые
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