UFO Onyx Esan мотошлем для мотокросса и эндуро детский

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UFO Onyx Esan Kids Motocross Helmet

New Onyx helmet for kids offer the same features of the adult version, thus expanding the range of helmets off road in the entry-level also for kids. Onyx helmet is made of high-strength polycarbonate. The internal pads offer excellent fit, and they are removable and washable for optimal hygiene. Rear air extractors, the visor height-adjustable and the strap with double D, make it a very high quality product.

The helmet is available in 2 new graphics.


  • Composite fibre shell with high carbon content 
  • Original diamond-shaped design with stiffening ribs
  • Built-in visor with adjustable length thanks to its special sliding flap
  • Complete ventilation system with excellent heat dissipation thanks to the rear extractors
  • Multi-density multilayer interior with inner oscillating shell
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Italy 
  • Approval E1
Размер S, M, L
Пол детский
Производитель ufo
Категория мотошлемы мотокросс и эндуро