X-Lite X-551 Start мотошлем для мотокросса и эндуро

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The new X-551 is the composite fibre helmet designed for riders of motard and street enduro motorbikes. Every detail was designed for a "crossover" use of the motorcycle: choice materials for the layers of the shell, extra comfortable high-tech fabrics for the interior, internal VPS sunscreen, standard ready for the N-Com® X-Series communication system.
Its streamlined but "muscular" lines are made even more attractive by the visor (perfectly combined with product design), the large peak and the complete and practical ventilation system. The peak provides adequate protection from sunlight, and is also a guarantee of safety while using the helmet on dirt roads. The X-551 can be used in its full configuration or without the peak or the visor.

The X-551 has three different outer shell measurements for the six available sizes.

The innovative ventilation system includes a wide and functional air intake in the chin area that makes even more effective the NFR FSB system, which is fitted as standard in the new X-551. The air flow inside the helmet is also ensured by the front air intake and the two upper air intakes which, thanks to a rear extractor, guarantee a constant air flow inside the helmet even in extreme use conditions.



Цвет Серебристый
Размер XS (53/54), S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62), XXL (63/64)
Пол мужской
Производитель x-lite
Категория мотошлемы мотокросс и эндуро
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