Arai RX-7V Sign мотошлем интеграл


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Да везем. Срок около 3х недель.

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Нет, Вы можете оплатить заказ полностью при получении и не платить аванс. Для этого во время оформления заказа выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж".

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- Если размер не подошел/не понравился товар мы можем вернуть его поставщику. Транспортные услуги для возврата рассчитываются по запросу для каждого товара отдельно.
- Вы можете оставить товар у нас в магазине на реализацию.

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Вы можете оплатить заказ при получении, для этого оформите заказ и выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж". А так же смотрите Отзывы по нашей работе ТУТ
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  • Обзор

    Arai RX-7V Sign Helmet

    The RX-7V is the crown of Arai's knowledge, experience and expertise in helmet technology. With the PB-SNC² outer shell, the revolutionary VAS (Variable Axis System) and a considerably softer area around the temples, the RX-7V is the new milestone in the premium helmet segment. From the also new inner lining with an even slimmer frame to the new ducts, improved air distribution and integrated air ducts - every single part bears witness to the attention to detail that is so typical of Arai. Arai has continuously improved the glide characteristics by learning from real accidents. With a stronger and smoother outer shell and VAS, the RX-7V is closer than ever to the ideal helmet shape. 


    • PB-SNC² shell construction
    • with the "Variable Axis System" (VAS)
    • optimal ventilation thanks to "Free Flow System" (FFS)
    • Ventilation channel for the temporal region
    • central, upper air intake
    • special air distribution system
    • Ventilation above the eyes on the temples
    • chin ventilation adjustable in three positions
    • Ventilation flaps at the neck
    • lateral venting
    • removable chin spoiler
    • patented, adjustable "Air Wing
    • VAS-V MaxVision Visor
    • special visor closure
    • Pinlock lens included
    • antimicrobial lining
    • exchangeable inner lining as well as ear and cheek pads
    • replaceable chinstrap cover and bolster
    • Headphone cut-outs
    • 5 mm removable ear, cheek and temple pads
    • special "Facial Contour System" (FCS)
    • thin middle padding for more space in the front chin area
    • ERS Emergency System


    • Sizes: XS - XXXL
    • Visor type: VAS-V 2D, VAS-V MaxVision, VAS-V Pro Shade, VAS-V, VAS-V PSS, VAS-V Dual-Pane
    • Retention system: double D
    • Safety norm: 22-05, SNELL M2010/2015

    Manufacturer's Note:

    • Fluorescent and extremely bright finishes, may fade over time due to sunlight. This is normal and is not covered by the warranty.


    • 1 x Arai helmet
    • 1 x Pinlock lens
    • 1 x helmet bag


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