Schuberth C4 Pro мотошлем модуляр женский


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  • Обзор

    Schuberth C4 Pro Ladies Helmet

    Women have the highest expectations - even when riding a motorcycle they are not satisfied with standards. The interior of the C4 Pro Women has been specially developed for women: it is not only optimised for smaller head sizes but also takes female facial shapes into account.

    The Schuberth C4 Pro is the benchmark for touring and sports drivers with the highest demands. It combines top technologies with top quality: the helmet with a compact shape that looks so little like a flip-up helmet. The new interior and the optimised acoustic concept make the Schuberth C4 Pro a flip-up helmet with maximum comfort. No swinging, low noise level at any speed. Prepared for the invisible communication system SC1.

    Quiet and comfortable: new standards defined - a revised acoustic and fit concept makes the C4 Pro Carbon, C4 Pro and C4 Basic the quietest and most comfortable flip-up helmets that Schuberth has ever built. Thanks to optimised neck padding and noise reduction in the area of the mechanical attachments, the C4 Pro achieves approx. 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on an uncovered motorcycle. For a cool head: The Jazzlight® interior is designed for a safe and comfortable helmet fit. The fabrics are quick-drying and washable. The seamless head cushion and integrated eyeglass channel ensure maximum wearing comfort. High air circulation through multi-channel ventilation provides additional cooling for the helmet wearer. Of course, the interior is Oeko-Tex 100, removable and washable.

    A complex multi-channel ventilation system inside the helmet shell ensures a pleasant air flow. Inlets in the forehead and lower visor areas ensure high air circulation and ensure that you keep a cool head. Anti-fog has never been easier thanks to the Pinlock® anti-fog lens. And that gives you a wide field of vision even when sitting in a sporty position. The helmet is also prepared as standard for the SC1 Standard and Advanced communication systems.

    The unique production method of helmet shells at Schuberth enables low weight with optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is an innovation from Schuberth. An endless glass thread is cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mould. This preform is baked under high pressure in a heatable mould under addition of a precisely defined quantity of resin to form a helmet shell with exceptional strength. A multi-part structure of the inner shell enables a high force absorption and provides more safety. In order to guarantee customers the best possible driving and carrying experience, the C4 Pro comes with a Pinlock anti-fog screen as standard. Only by constantly testing the products can one meet one's own quality requirements and guarantee customer satisfaction. Schuberth wishes you a safe journey!


    • highest wearing comfort thanks to seamless head pad and integrated spectacle channels
    • safe and comfortable fit of the helmet thanks to Coolmax® interior (Oeko-Tex 100, removable and washable)
    • high air circulation due to multi-channel ventilation
    • class 1 optical sight (without distortion) with quick-change function
    • integrated sun visor (continuously adjustable in seconds)
    • Pinlock120® anti-fog lens included as standard (the ultimate Pinlock® anti-fog lens for the best possible performance)
    • standard preparation for SC1 Standard and Advanced communication systems (thanks to integrated antenna, pre-installed loudspeakers and microphone)


    • test standard: R 2205
    • sizes: XS - L
    • shell sizes: 2
    • weight: about 1660 g
    • closure system: ratchet closure

    Notes: Safety Standard: All ECE 22.05 and ECE 22.06 tested helmets do not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 ("FMVSS No. 218"). ECE is the abbreviation for "Economic Commission Europe" and describes a European regulation.


    • 1 x Schuberth helmet
    • 1 x Pinlock lens
    • 1 x helmet bag
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