Spidi Traveller 3 H2Out мотокуртка текстильная мужская


Какой срок поставки товаров со склада и вы везете товары из Европы?

Да везем. Срок около 3х недель.

Нужно сразу платить?

Нет, Вы можете оплатить заказ полностью при получении и не платить аванс. Для этого во время оформления заказа выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж".

Есть возврат?

- Если размер не подошел/не понравился товар мы можем вернуть его поставщику. Транспортные услуги для возврата рассчитываются по запросу для каждого товара отдельно.
- Вы можете оставить товар у нас в магазине на реализацию.

Где гарантии?

Вы можете оплатить заказ при получении, для этого оформите заказ и выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж". А так же смотрите Отзывы по нашей работе ТУТ
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    Spidi Traveler 3 H2Out Motorcycle Textile Jacket

    The SPIDI Traveller 3 H2Out jacket is designed to provide comfort and extra durability for motorcycle riding in all weather conditions. To ensure that the jacket is also as versatile as possible, it has a removable thermal lining and a H2Out® membrane that makes it waterproof, windproof and breathable. The construction of the jacket is made of a high-strength material with generous front and rear vents and zippers with the exclusive SPIDI Direct Air System, which effectively improves moisture wicking and riding comfort on the warmest days of the year. The Traveller 3 has an adjustable waist, width-adjustable arms and underarms that further support a perfectly tailored fit. Important safety features include a zipper to attach the jacket to the pants, removable Warrior Light protectors on shoulders and elbows and a pocket for a back protector. The special combination of polyester 1200 and 600, as well as a technical design of safety-related areas, resulted in a highly advanced jacket according to the demanding prEN 17092-2: 2017 Class AA standard. For valuables and smaller, mobile devices, waterproof inner pockets were added to the outer jacket and inner lining. Also 3M® Scotchlite light reflective zones that significantly improve visibility in the dark.


    • Motorcyclist protective clothing according to (UE)2016/454
    • PPE - Personal protective equipment for motorcyclists according to EN 17092-3:2020 Class AA
    • Prepared for retrofitting a back protector (Z53, Z54 / Level 1 or Z147 / Level 2)
    • Warrior protectors (EN 1621-1, Level 1) on shoulders and elbows
    • fixed mesh lining
    • removable padded lining (150 g/m²)
    • H2OUT membrane
    • compatible with Step-In Wear products
    • waterproof outer pocket
    • various vents
    • zipper to connect jacket and pants
    • integrated width adjustment (ERGOFIT SYSTEM)
    • adjustable waist closure
    • pull tabs to reduce the volume of sleeves and chest
    • adjustable drawstring for tightening


    • 1 x Spidi jacket
    • 1 pair of shoulder protectors
    • 1 pair of elbow protectors
    • back protector not included
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Spidi Traveller 3 H2Out мотокуртка текстильная мужская
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