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Zandona Hybrid Back Pro X8 Back Protector

“Hybrid Back Pro” is the innovative Level 2 backprotector combining optimal protection, ergonomics, comfort and state-of-the-art design. Hybrid Back Pro represents the exclusive concept of hybrid protection: a backprotector that has been meticulously studied to provide an extra protection to the spinal column mixing the evolution of the high quality plastic plates with the exclusive Net3 Technology. All this in order to guarantee a really high level protection to the whole back, without ignoring the user’s comfort.


  • Net3 Technology: innovative structure made of nitrile anti-shock rubber with patented 3D netting technology, result of accurate studies that allowed us to obtain a winning match of shape+material composition of high performing rate guaranteeing a substantial impact energy absorption power, ensuring then the maximum protection
  • central structure with high quality plates to protect the spinal column
  • minimum thickness to optimize its wearability
  • internal padding in E.V.C. (Evoluted Viscoelastic Cells), innovative waterproof anti-shock material with high performance/weight/thickness rate
  • S.R.T. Technology (Sweat Removing Textile), very breathable 3D textile transferring sweat to the outside
  • adjustable waist belt equipped with tie-rods and a double elastic regulation closing system for improved stability and lumbar support
  • removable and adjustable suspenders
  • 100% Made in Italy
Цвет Красный
Размер XS, S, M, L, XL
Пол мужской
Производитель Zandona
Категория защита тела - защита спины
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