Мотошлем интеграл AGV Pista GP RR Catalunya 2008 18356002-026-XS


Какой срок поставки товаров со склада и вы везете товары из Европы?

Да везем. Срок около 4х-6ти недель.

Нужно сразу платить?

Не обязательно, Вы можете оплатить заказ полностью при получении и не платить аванс. Для этого во время оформления заказа выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж".

Есть возврат?

- Если размер не подошел/не понравился товар мы можем вернуть его поставщику. Транспортные услуги для возврата рассчитываются по запросу для каждого товара отдельно.
- Вы можете оставить товар у нас в магазине на реализацию. При этом товар полностью оплачивается.

Где гарантии?

Вы можете оплатить заказ при получении, для этого оформите заказ и выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж". А так же смотрите Отзывы по нашей работе ТУТ
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    AGV Pista GP RR Catalunya 2008 Helmet

    The helmet designed for MotoGP™ is now available for all riders. The Pista GP RR is the perfect replica of the AGV helmet worn by the champions of the World Motorcycle Championship. That's why it has also received the new FIM homologation, which certifies it has the highest possible level of protection. It also protects against the dangerous rotational accelerations of the head. Every detail is designed for absolute performance. The 100% Extreme Carbon carbon fiber shell is extremely lightweight, so the helmet never feels heavy when worn. Its shapes and metal vents have been analyzed in the wind tunnel and tested by AGV athletes to achieve the best aerodynamic penetration and maximum stability at high speeds, thanks also to the innovative profile of the rear Pro spoiler. The visor Ultravision optical class 1 is an essential part of the protection thanks to its thickness of 5 mm and allows a panoramic view of 190 °. This means you can see the track, opponents and obstacles more clearly and in front of everyone. The exclusive 360° Adaptive Fit System allows complete personalization of the interior and the choice of the ideal thickness in the upper part of the head, neck and cheeks. A basic comfort to literally have your head free and think only about the track.


    • Racing fit, suitable for sports suits
    • Removable pro spoiler
    • 2Dry fabric with instant sweat absorption
    • Adaptive 360° fit
    • Three-piece adaptive head pad
    • Cheek pads with safety release system
    • Cheek pads made of Shalimar fabric for soft and stable fit even at high speeds
    • Crown padding made of elastic and breathable microfiber
    • Curved neck guard profile
    • Microsense: premium skin comfort and antimicrobial Sanitized® fabric
    • Neck guard made of breathable fabric with elastic and waterproof inserts
    • Seamless in sensitive areas
    • Removable and washable lining
    • Removable nose guard and wind deflector
    • 2 rear vents and 5 front vents
    • Metal vents and air outlets
    • Scratch resistant visor of optics class 1 with 190° horizontal and 85° vertical field of vision, 5 mm thickness and micro-opening system (Pinlock prepared)
    • Metal visor mechanism
    • Patented quick release mechanism and visor lock system


    • ECE 22-06
    • 100% carbon fiber
    • 4 helmet shell sizes
    • 5 density EPS in 4 sizes
    • Collarbone protection profile
    • Shell and EPS structure to minimize rotational accelerations (FIM homologated)
    • Double D ring closure in titanium
    • 1.450 g in first shell size


    • 1x AGV Pista GP RR helmet
    • 1x interior fitting kit (upper crown pad, rear crown pad, cheek pads)
    • 1x hydration system
    • 1x 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120)
    • 1x tear-off kit
    • 1x ventilation covers
    • Earplugs
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    Размер:L (59/60), M (57/58), S (55/56), XL (61/62), XS (53/54), XXL (63/64)
    Наличие:склад поставщика
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Мотошлем интеграл AGV Pista GP RR Catalunya 2008 18356002-026-XS
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