AGV Tourmodular Mono мотошлем модуляр


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    AGV Tourmodular Mono Helmet

    The AGV Tourmodular is an extremely protective, comfortable and lightweight modular helmet with integratable DMC mesh communication system. The Tourmodular is designed to handle long rides with maximum comfort and the best possible safety. The first flip-up helmet homologated according to ECE2206. The safety that the helmet offers is based on the shell made of carbon, aramid fiber and fiberglass - for maximum protection and lightness for thousands of kilometers. Every detail has been designed to protect the rider and give him maximum confidence on the bike. The visor mechanism is made of metal to maximize the coverage area of the protector and extend the field of vision. The visor has a thickness of up to 4 mm, more than twice the average of other visors. An essential component of the helmet's protection system. The AGV Tourmodular is the most tested helmet in the 75-year history of AGV. It is designed to handle endless trips in all weather conditions in total comfort - durable and reliable. The soft Ritmo and Shalimar fabric interior with fit adjustment system ensures instant absorption of moisture and sweat. The waterproof profiles in synthetic leather keep water away from the inside of the helmet even on days with particularly heavy rainfall. The AGV micro-opening system allows the visor to be held open for airflow while remaining stably attached to the chin guard. The helmet is equipped with 4 large adjustable air inlets on the top as well as on the chin, and 16 internal air extraction channels to allow individual control of ventilation and perfect air circulation in all conditions. The AGV Tourmodular is designed to "split" the air and minimize turbulence and slippage of the helmet even at high speeds. A result of aerodynamic research based on AGV's experience in the most extreme competitive environments such as MotoGP™, with the aim of counteracting rider neck and shoulder fatigue. At a cruising speed of 130 km/h on the highway, the dynamic weight is zero. The helmet's aerodynamics are also optimized in open configuration. AGV Tourmodular offers absolute safety even when riding with the chin guard raised and exceeds the standards required by the specific P/J homologation. AGV Tourmodular is the first modular helmet designed for the integrated communication system with DMC Mesh technology, the highest standard of wireless communication between motorcyclists. Developed with Cardo, the AGV INSYDE intercom system allows easy and interference-free connection with 15 motorcyclists at the same time, with superior audio quality and a total range of up to 6 km. Complete control on the road is guaranteed by AGV Ultravision standards, which provide a field of view of 190° horizontally and 85° vertically. These values, similar to the field of view of the human eye, allow the road and obstacles around the driver to be seen more quickly and clearly. The visor has optical class 1 - the highest possible class, which is also used for corrective glasses and eliminates any distortion - and is complemented by a removable sun visor, but also the anti-fog system. The included Max Pinlock 120 allows perfect vision in all conditions. This completely benefits safety and concentration.

    AGV Tourmodular is the perfect helmet to face any trip with maximum safety.


    • 2-stage chin guard mechanism to optimize aerodynamics in jet helmet configuration
    • special shell shape designed for maximum aerodynamic performance and for 0 dynamic weight at 130 km/h (80 mph)
    • P/J approval
    • removable and washable 2Dry Microsense inner padding for instant sweat absorption and a premium skin feel
    • Cheek pads made of supple Ritmo fabric (newly patented, interchangeable between all sizes)
    • Head padding made of soft and smooth Shalimar fabric
    • neck padding in Ritmo fabric and imitation leather (water repellent with high abrasion resistance)
    • curved neck protection profile
    • specially designed fit for spectacle wearers
    • prepared for AGV INSYDE communication system (sold separately / tool for installation of INSYDE communication system included)
    • reflective inserts
    • removable breath and wind deflector
    • 3 helmet shell sizes
    • 5-density EPS in 4 sizes
    • made of carbon aramid fiberglass
    • Metal chin guard closure system
    • Collarbone protection profile
    • Metal chin guard block system for double P/J approval
    • 1 vent in the back
    • 4 vents in front
    • adjustable vents
    • scratch-resistant visor optical class 1 with 190° horizontal and 85° vertical field of vision
    • multi-stage metal visor mechanism with micro-opening system
    • patented quick release mechanism and visor lock system
    • 100% Max Vision Pinlock (120) included
    • integrated, scratch-resistant sun visor that can be removed without tools


    • material: carbon, aramid fibre and fibreglas
    • sizes: XS - XXL
    • helmet shell sizes: 3 (XS - S / M - L / XL - XXL)
    • closure system: micrometric ratchet closure
    • safety standard: ECE22.06 / P/J homologation
    • visor type: GTS-1, GTS-2
    • Pinlock type: DKS 118
    • sun visor type: Tourmodular
    • weight: 1620 g (+/- 50 g (size M))


    • 1 x AGV helmet
    • 1 x Pinlock lens (120% MaxVision)
    • 1 x helmet bag
    • 1 x breath guard
    • 1 x wind deflector
    • 1 x mounting tool for Insyde communication system
    • AGV Insyde communication system not includet (has to be ordered separately)
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AGV Tourmodular Mono мотошлем модуляр
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