Schuberth E2 Defender мотошлем для мотокросса и эндуро


Какой срок поставки товаров со склада и вы везете товары из Европы?

Да везем. Срок около 3х недель.

Нужно сразу платить?

Нет, Вы можете оплатить заказ полностью при получении и не платить аванс. Для этого во время оформления заказа выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж".

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- Если размер не подошел/не понравился товар мы можем вернуть его поставщику. Транспортные услуги для возврата рассчитываются по запросу для каждого товара отдельно.
- Вы можете оставить товар у нас в магазине на реализацию.

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Вы можете оплатить заказ при получении, для этого оформите заказ и выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж". А так же смотрите Отзывы по нашей работе ТУТ
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  • Обзор

    Schuberth E2 Defender Helmet

    The E2 is the second generation of Schuberth adventure helmets and thus another helmet in the Schuberth range that not only has P/J double homologation but also complies with the new ECE 22.06 standard. The E2 is the perfect blend between the comfort of the famous "C" flip-up helmet series and the aggressive look of an off-road helmet. It meets all current Schuberth standards in terms of safety, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. The adjustable inner padding offers a perfect fit and takes this adventure helmet to a new level, ready to rock the dustiest trails.


    • Comfort of a flip-up helmet with the look of a modern adventure helmet
    • New fibreglass shell with patented Direct Fibre technology reinforced with carbon to improve shock absorption and reduce weight
    • Inner shell: New EPS material for improved shock absorption and an enlarged cavity, with two densities for main part and sides
    • New, seamless interior with the Schuberth individualization concept for a perfect fit
    • New removable and 3-position adjustable peak with memory function
    • New chinstrap position for increased comfort in the neck area and Anti-Roll-Off-System (A.R.O.S.)
    • Double air intake on the chin for even better ventilation, including replaceable and washable filter
    • Enlarged spoiler with air outlet for excellent airflow
    • Patented visor mechanism with memory function
    • Increased field of vision thanks to new "CityPosition" and thanks to the "V-Lock" of the sun visor
    • Reflective areas on the wind deflector, neck pad, visor seal and helmet stickers for improved visibility while riding with the chin section open and closed
    • Possible "Plug and Play" retrofit of communication systems based on the Sena 50S with pre-installed HD speakers, mesh antenna, FM radio antenna and Bluetooth antenna


    • Material: fiberglass reinforced with carbon
    • Sizes: XS - XXXL
    • Helmet shell sizes: 2 (XS-L / XL-XXXL)
    • Closure system: Ratchet
    • Safety standard: ECE-R 22.06, P/J homologation
    • Weight: 1.830 g with accessories (+/-50 g, L) / 2.030 g with accessories (+/-50 g, XL)


    • 1 x Schuberth E2 helmet
    • 1 x clear visor with pinlock lens 
    • 1 x tinted sun visor 
    • 1 x Helmet bag


    Safety Standard: All ECE 22.05 and ECE 22.06 tested helmets do not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 ("FMVSS No. 218"). ECE is the abbreviation for "Economic Commission Europe" and describes a European regulation.

    Warranty: The retailer is responsible for remedying defects, not the manufacturer. So when it comes to warranty, the dealer is always the customer's point of contact. Every complaint is handled exclusively through us at FC-Moto.

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Schuberth E2 Defender мотошлем для мотокросса и эндуро
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