Мотокуртка текстильная мужская Spidi H2Out Step-InArmor Mission-T Черный/Серый D238-341-S


Какой срок поставки товаров со склада и вы везете товары из Европы?

Да везем. Срок около 4х-6ти недель.

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Не обязательно, Вы можете оплатить заказ полностью при получении и не платить аванс. Для этого во время оформления заказа выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж".

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- Если размер не подошел/не понравился товар мы можем вернуть его поставщику. Транспортные услуги для возврата рассчитываются по запросу для каждого товара отдельно.
- Вы можете оставить товар у нас в магазине на реализацию. При этом товар полностью оплачивается.

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Вы можете оплатить заказ при получении, для этого оформите заказ и выберите способ оплаты "наложенный платеж". А так же смотрите Отзывы по нашей работе ТУТ
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    Spidi Mission-T H2Out Step-InArmor Motorcycle Textile Jacket

    The Spidi Mission-T was developed for the highest demands of adventure touring riders and presents SPIDI's own STEP-INARMOR technology for the first time. This jacket is the combination of three layers: Armor, Soft Shell and Hard Shell.

    Armor: Mission-T is the distinctive feature of an inner jacket with mesh layers and a test according to Pr En 17092-3: 2017 Class A standard plus integrated Warrior Lite level 2 protectors. This revolutionary concept allows you to ride in complete safety even if you only wear the inner protection; ideal in warm, summer conditions.

    Soft Shell: The middle layer is a soft shell jacket made of bi-stretch material. Light, comfortable and finely designed, this casual garment can also be worn during a break off the road. The Tech Armor can be connected to the Softshell jacket with connecting zips and loops.

    Hard Shell: The fully sealed H2Out® outer jacket achieves the highest levels of waterproofness, breathability and water vapour permeability thanks to Dermizax® Toray®. And all this in a laminate with a highly developed membrane that achieves the highest level of performance.

    Each layer can be used as a stand-alone jacket or combined with the other layers in up to 6 combinations - on and off the bike.


    • waterproof, windproof and breathable H2Out garment
    • windproof breathable garment Windout
    • removable Soft Shell (L81)
    • integrated adjustment system ERGOFIT SYSTEM
    • adjustable waist fastening
    • draw-ties for reducing the volume of sleeves and chest
    • high tenacity polyamide tenax fabric, extreme abrasion resistance
    • 3 layers breathable, waterproof and windproof laminated fabric
    • reflex zones for night-riding
    • punched mesh fabric
    • elasticized fabric
    • Softcell: elastic multilayer fabric
    • Toray Entrant Dermizax: laminated material with a high performance membrane that boasts excellent moisture-permeability, waterproofing and reduced condensation
    • Step in Clothing: layered clothing system
    • waterproof outside pocket and zipper
    • fixed hood
    • vents
    • groin straps
    • pants clip to join jacket/trousers
    • side opening
    • 3 jackets in 1: outer layer, H2Out membrane and quilted lining
    • protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 regulation
    • PPE - protective apparel for motorcycle use (Pr En 17092-4:2017 Class A)
    • arrangement for back protector (Z53, Z54 / Level 1)
    • arrangement for back protector (Z147 / Level 2)
    • arrangement for holding back protector (Z172 / Level 2)
    • removable Warrior Lite protectors on shoulders and elbows (En1621-1 Level 2)


    • Sizes: S - 3XL
    • Protectors: shoulders, elbows, back (optional available - not included)
    • weight: 2.8 kg


    • H2Out:
      • Waterproof, windproof, breathable. All the projects to create new Spidi articles are designed and planned in Sarego (VI) in Italy. The experience acquired since 1977 is translated today into a highly rated, reliable product that reflects a policy based on competence and solidity. The experience of the world best riders converges here; the co-operation with the international research field, where we must thank the University of Hannover and the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche) of Padova, for their incredible contribution in the safety field; unique technological innovations, since they have been developed in order to be used in the motorcycling field, such as the exclusive microporous waterproofwindproof- breathable H2Out membrane, a result of years of co-operation into research in Japan with Toray. The project, the result of a partnership with Toray, a Japanese manufacturer, started from a very precise - as well as ambitious - objective: to create a specific waterproof windproof breathable membrane, that is to say with such a microporosity as to guarantee maximum comfort, taking into account the specific use for the motorcyclists. The result today is a heavy duty lining for motorcyclists' H2Out technical articles. A windproof, waterproof shield, which is at the same time breathable, light, flexible with micrometric thickness.
    • Step-IN ARMOR:
      • Spidi reinvents the three-layer jacket with STEP-IN ARMOR, a new technology that moves the protective layer close to the body, turning the external layers into lighter, more casual items of clothing. Inspired by studies carried out in the field of military aviation, the STEP-IN WEAR technology by SPIDI already gives riders the possibility to use jackets made of three layers, starting from the outside protective shell. The STEP-IN ARMOR turns this concept inside out.
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Мотокуртка текстильная мужская Spidi H2Out Step-InArmor Mission-T Черный/Серый D238-341-S
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