UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth


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    UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth Communication System Single Pack

    Complete with high-fidelity audio and exclusive concealed microphones, the Amp Go 2 delivers unrivaled audio quality in a versatile, compact package. This entry level helmet communication system pairs full-duplex intercom with advanced Bluetooth capability.

    The UCLEAR AMP Go 2 full-duplex Bluetooth® helmet audio system is ideal for single rider and small group communications. Using the integrated Boost 2.0 speaker system, you can enjoy exceptional audio quality as you head down the highway. Our exclusive noise-cancelling ABF technology eliminates virtually all background noise, while our patented DSP algorithms triangulate your voice’s “sweet spot” to produce clear voice for phone calls and intercom conversations. The UCLEAR Digital AMP Go 2 is built on the foundation of the popular Bluetooth® AMP Series. The AMP Go 2 has Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivity, ClearLink and enhanced audio. The AMP Go 2 is simply the most feature rich entry level product available!

    CLEARLink Mobile App

    Enjoy the ultimate convenience with the CLEARLink mobile app available now from UCLEAR Digital. For use with the AMP helmet audio and communication system, the industry-exclusive mobile app allows users to update firmware and customize preferences wirelessly from any Smartphone or tablet.

    Boost 2.0 Premium Speakers w/ Dual Boomless Concealed Microphones

    The AMP Solo includes the patented Boost 2.0 Speaker and Microphone system. The Boost 2.0 speaker paired with the industry-exclusive concealed microphone provides top-of-the-line audio and voice clarity in an unobtrusive package. Designed for any full face helmet, the 40mm driver delivers powerful Hi-Fi audio with crisp, clean voice clarity for exceptional phone and intercom communication. Engineered for quality, the driver and microphone are integrated into a single housing for a simple, lightweight solution that can be installed in minutes without tools.


    • Reliable Bluetooth® 5.0
    • Small Group (2 rider) Intercom
    • Up to 250m Intercom Range
    • 12 Hour Average Battery Life
    • Fully Weather Proof
    • ClearLink App
    • Cross Brand Compatibility
    • Boost 2.0 Speaker with Dual Concealed Microphones
    • Industry’s Most Portable System
    • Small Group Intercom: Full duplex private intercom for 2 users with up to 250m range between each user
    • Bluetooth® 5.0 Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology: As more riders are connected, the intercom range is extended with each user
    • ClearLink App: Free mobile app that allows users to wirelessly customize and update AMP Solo settings anywhere, anytime using a Bluetooth® Phone connection
    • AMP Processor with Reliable Bluetooth® 5.0: 10X more data at up to 2.5X faster speeds than previous version
    • Multi Point Bluetooth® Device Connectivity: Units connect to multiple Bluetooth® enabled devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, music players, or GPS
    • Boost 2.0 Speaker/Microphone Array: AMP Go includes hi-definition speakers featuring built-in microphones
    • Patented Boom-Free Dual Microphone: Exclusive concealed dual-microphone array delivers exceptional voice clarity
    • Hands-Free Voice-Activated Call Pick-Up: Utilize hands-free smartphone operation to answer calls with simple voice commands
    • ABF® Technology: Our patented Advanced Beamforming® technology allows the discreet dual-microphone to capture and extract specific sounds, virtually eliminating all background noise
    • Industry’s Most Portable System: Units transfer easily between helmets or headsets so you can use your UCLEAR for every activity (wide range of accessories available)
    • Weather Proof: Ride with confidence in all weather conditions, wet or dry, warm or cold
    • Upgradeable System (Investment Protection): Enjoy simple, wireless firmware upgrades as new software becomes available


    • Bluetooth: V5.0 (BR/EDR/BLE), Class 1
    • Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, Intercom
    • Group Intercom: Up to 2 Users
    • Range: Up to 250m per user
    • Battery: 3.7V Lithium-ion
    • Talk Time: Up to 12 Hours
    • Stand by Time: Up to 400 Hours
    • Operating Temp: -30C (-22F) to 60C (140F)
    • Required Charging Temp: 0°C (32F) to 45°C (+113 F°)
    • Controller Unit Size: 73.6 x 44.5 x 25.4mm (2.9 x 1.75 x 1in)
    • ClearLink App: Android 4.4 or Later. Apple iOS 8 or Later
    • Weight: 22.88 oz
    • Dimensions: 3.5 × 3.5 × 8.6614 in

    Recommended Use With:

    • Full Face Helmet
    • Half Helmet - with long earbuds


    • 1x AMP Go 2 Controller Unit
    • 1x Boost 2.0 Speaker/Mic Array
    • 1x Permanent Mount
    • 1x Temporary Mount
    • 1x USB Charging Cable
    • 1x Speaker Mount Round Set
    • 1x Quick Start Guide
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